Join Friends of Wingate Park: Uniting for a Better Brooklyn

Become a Member:

In these challenging times, Friends of Wingate Park is committed to serving our community. Join us and be part of a collective effort to build a better Brooklyn.

Our Ongoing Initiatives:

Senior Support through Food Distribution: Since the pandemic, our focus has been on serving our seniors through a dedicated food distribution program. Your membership helps sustain this essential effort.

Our Collective Goals:

Educational, Social, and Cultural Enrichment: Together, we strive to serve the educational, social, and cultural needs of our community, creating an environment of growth and learning.

Youth Empowerment: Our commitment extends to empowering the youth, providing opportunities for learning, leadership development, and fostering sportsmanship and teamwork skills.

Active Programs: 

Food Distribution
Summer Time Fun In the Park - Book Reading Series
Your membership strengthens our community, making a meaningful impact during these challenging times. Let's build a resilient, empowered, and united Brooklyn together!

 Please give what you can via LINK below.



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